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30 Days of Quick Home Tips! Tip# 9 Get a Basket for Your Mail & Designate a Day to Sort

Remember the joy of receiving mail as a kid? It was all about sweet surprises. Fast forward to adulthood, and mail has lost its sparkle, replaced by a relentless onslaught of advertisements, bills, and university brochures (thanks, senior year!). The result? Mail clutter that piles up faster than you can say "postman."

Unopened mail is a sneaky culprit, causing stress and missed deadlines. That's where Tip #9 swoops in to save the day.

Get a Basket for Your Mail and choose a Designated Day to Sort It.

Tired of mail chaos? Here's how to regain control:

1. Get a Mail Basket: Start by acquiring a dedicated mail basket. Choose a design that suits your style and complements your home decor. This will be your designated landing spot for all incoming mail. Make it a practice that as soon as you get the mail, it goes directly into the basket.

2. Choose a Sorting Day: Pick a specific day each week to sort through your mail. This routine will prevent it from piling up, and you won't miss crucial deadlines or overlook important information.

These 2 small but simple tips will help you conquer mail clutter and regain the excitement of a neatly organized mailbox. Say goodbye to overdue bills and hello to a stress-free mailbox!

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