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Thank you for visiting! Let me introduce myself, my name is Chere Williams. I'm a single mom to an incredibly beautiful and sweet daughter, a blogger, a freelancer and independent contractor, a party planning enthusiast, a nomad at heart, an optimist and a lover of life.   


I'm the owner of, "A Single Christian Mom's Advice on Making Life Easier." I've been honored to share my experience as a single mom of faith, a daughter of Christ, and a Christian woman for over eight years. God has blessed my little blog and it has been named in the Top 15 Single Moms Blogs in Earnest Parenting in 2015, it was listed in the Top 25 Single Mom Blogs in Circle of Moms and most recently it was named among the Top 50 Parenting Blogs in My Kids Need That.com. 


I've had the pleasure of writing a weekly column for Moms of Faith, an intern for Kathi Lipp, a Mom Mentor for Graham Blanchard Publishing, promoting faith-based entertainment through Grace Hill Media, writing an excerpt for the book, "A Global Orphan Crisis," and was published in Just Between Us Magazine and Inspired Women Magazine. 


Currently, I'm busy writing and planning the launch of a number of eBooks including, "15 Tips on Avoiding Single Mom Burnout," "Creating Your Own Narrative as a Single Mom," and "Building a Spiritual Legacy for Your Kids."  My hope is to encourage and inspire moms to create their own narrative with God's guidance for their most abundant life!