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Just Between Us Magazine

Leaving a Spiritual Legacy


Global Orphan Crisis

A Single Mom's Story


Inspired Women's Magazine

Become The Peacemaker


Mom Mentor With Graham Blanchard Publishing

Served as a Mom Mentor on a panel that answered monthly questions for moms


My Daily Armor Ministries

Spring Clean Your Spirit


Mom's of Faith Columnist

Over 100 Columns Written



Named one of the Top Single Parenting Blogs with Earnest Parenting in 2014, Top 25 Single Parenting Blogs in Circle of Moms, and Top Parental Blog in 2017 with


Inspired Women's Magazine

Pursue Your Passion with Faith, Love and Endurance


Inspired Women's Magazine

Don't Throw Your Pearls to Pigs


A Single Christian Mom's Advice On Making Life Easier

Read over a 1,000 articles on single parenting, homemaking, tips on co-parenting, faith, free resources and more

Chere is an amazing writer! She writes with passion and inspiration on a variety of topics. Her writings include a plethora of tips and suggestions as she shares many of her personal experiences to touch, and inspire others.


Though most of Chere's writing pieces are governed towards women and single Mom's she willingly displays her compassionate side by stepping outside the box and into the male role from time to time to give us a different perspective, especially when giving co-parenting tips. As a follower of Chere's work, I enjoy her passion for writing and drive to share her love for God with others. She is a great inspiration!

Jennifer H.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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