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30 Days of Quick Home Tips! Tip #10 Declutter Your Holiday Storage as You Unpack Them

Are you already decking the halls for the upcoming holiday season? If you're like me, your fall decor is already up, but there's a lurking sense of dread about the impending move next year. With a trove of holiday decorations collected over the years, the thought of transporting them to a new state can be overwhelming.

Tip #10 is here to save the day with a stress-free holiday organization solution.

Declutter Your Holiday Storage as You Unpack Them for the Current Holiday

As you prepare to adorn your space for the latest holiday, take a moment to declutter your holiday storage. Here's how to make it simple and painless:

1. Sort as You Unpack: When you retrieve your holiday decorations, keep a trash bag or giveaway bag handy. As you unpack, assess each item. If it's broken, outdated, or no longer suits your decor, toss it or set it aside for donation.

2. Organize for the Future: When it's time to put your decor away, take a moment to bundle items together for each storage crate. Then, label the crate. But here's the key to long-term organization success: create a storage inventory.

Assign each box a number and create a corresponding list. Use a spreadsheet (like Excel) or any other document format to detail what's in each crate, from garlands to bulbs. Repeat this process every year.

By following Tip #10, your future holiday seasons will be a breeze. Unpacking and decorating will become less stressful and more enjoyable, allowing you to focus on the festivities rather than the clutter. It's a simple step with long-lasting rewards for a stress-free holiday season!


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