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30 Days of Quick Tips for the Home! Tip#12 Create a Family Command Center

Family calendars can be a source of stress and chaos as you try to juggle everyone's schedules. But don't panic; there's a solution that can bring more harmony and fewer headaches to your home with Tip #12...

Centralized Scheduling for Peace, Not Panic

Managing a family's busy schedule is no small feat, whether you have one child or a whole tribe. The key to making it all work seamlessly is a Family Command Central. Here's how to create one:

1. Choose the Right Tool: While there are various options, whiteboards are a fantastic choice. They allow you to easily erase and keep everything neat and clear. Alternatively, you can use a large calendar.

2. Find the Perfect Location: Place your Family Command Central in a central spot in your home, such as the kitchen or the family room. It should be easily accessible and visible to all family members.

3. Weekly Updates: Make it a weekly ritual for each family member to update the calendar. They should add important dates like game days, concerts, classes, tests, and any other significant events. Don't forget to note if they need to bring something to school or an activity.

4. Include a Space for Notes: Look for a whiteboard or calendar that also has space for notes. This is invaluable for quick reminders or messages that need to be communicated within the family.

By creating a Family Command Central, you'll transform your family's scheduling from a source of stress and potential blowouts into a well-organized and harmonious system. With everyone on the same page, you'll find that family life becomes a lot smoother, and you can focus on creating wonderful memories together. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to peace!

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