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30 Day Quick Tip Home Series! Day #2 Create a Meal Plan

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Life is busy and the last thing you want to do after a long day at work, picking up the kids, and fighting traffic, is think about what you are going to make for dinner! Let's be honest if you don't know what you are having by 4pm, there is a good chance it's Chick-fil-a or pizza. Listen, I'm not knocking either, but a couple nights a week at a fast-food drive through equals a grocery run. Eating out is pricy! If you're going to spend the money on eating out it should at least be something better than a quick overpriced drive through meal!

How can we solve this dilemma? It's simple...

Tip #2 - Create a Weekly Meal Plan

Carve out some time in the week, preferably before Monday and sit down and think about the meals for the upcoming week. If certain nights of the week are hectic, maybe plan a slow cooker meal that can cook itself for 6 hours. My go to on Sundays is roast in the slow cooker which is delicious! Think ahead, and cook meals that will give you leftovers, so you can eat them for lunch or dinner the next day.

Get the family involved and let each person pick a meal for the week. Think about breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If this is too overwhelming, then pick the meal that requires the most thought and plan it out for the week. For me, it is dinner, so I try to create at least 5 dinner plans for the week. Sometimes, cooking is just not in the cards, and on those days, I give myself grace and we do take out, but it's not an everyday habit.

While you are meal planning make sure you have the ingredients you need. I suggest having your grocery list next to you, so you can jot down anything you need to pick up at the store.

Another tip is if it isn't broke don't fix it! Don't kill yourself trying to come up with new meals every week. Simplicity is key! If your family enjoys the 3 same meals than make them weekly! It's okay! Whatever works for your family and makes life easier for you, just do it!

"Plan your action, keep it simple, and get into motion."

Emilie Barnes

Here's My Sample Dinner Meal Plan

  • Monday: Salmon, wild rice, fresh green beans

  • Tuesday: Tacos (meat or chicken) Cilantro rice, and corn on the cob

  • Wednesday: Spaghetti and Meatball Casserole, French bread and a mixed salad

  • Thursday: Leftovers from Wednesday

  • Friday: Lamb (in the air fryer 15 minutes on 350), seasoned red potatoes and a mixed salad

  • Saturday: Girl Dinner! We eat whatever we want and often will eat out.

  • Sunday: Slow cooker roast with carrots, potatoes, salad, and crusty bread

Click below and download a FREE Meal plan template to get started this week!

Weekly Meal Planner
Download PDF • 1.04MB


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