5 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Simple + A Checklist Download!

Updated: Mar 7

On March 20 we will say goodbye to old man winter and hello to spring! I for one am excited about a new season and look forward to getting a jumpstart on spring cleaning. I am going through a lot of personal changes that have turned my world upside down, which is why I have been absent from the blog. I have been navigating a tough season with my family, which has left me feeling lost in a strange and unfamiliar space. I am working my way through this space by leaning on God and depending on the path he is making through this wilderness.

Instead of focusing on what I can not change, and have no control over, I am working on being intentional about what I can do in this season to keep my spirit and mind encouraged. I have discovered that when my physical space is clean and uncluttered, and when I have a sense of order, I feel less overwhelmed and more capable of dealing with the practical day-to-day stuff in life.

What is more practical than spring cleaning? Please, don't get overwhelmed by the idea of spring cleaning! The idea of spring cleaning is to take away the overwhelm and bring more peace and white space in your life to spend time doing what matters most, like spending precious time with your family, inviting friends over for a meal, or simply sitting in a space that makes you feel good.

Are you ready to get started? I have 5 simple tips to share with you and a comprehensive Spring Cleaning Checklist download that will keep you on track and guide you along your spring cleaning journey!

Tip #1 - Create a Plan

Don't jump in blind! All successful endeavors start with a plan! Maybe not every room in your house needs a deep spring cleaning, maybe it's just that pesky spare bedroom where everything is stored or it's the garage that is your Achille's heel. Take a moment to devise your plan of attack by taking inventory in your home. Think about these questions:

  • What room(s) need a deep dive spring clean?

  • What days and time blocks can you carve out to focus on spring cleaning?

  • Are you getting the kids involved in your plan?

  • What's your spring cleaning goal? Having an end goal in mind will keep you motivated when you're losing steam!

Tip #2 - Focus on one space at a time