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Before and After of My Linen Closet!

I don't have a ton of closet space, and I'm grateful for my linen closet, but it was cluttered, and in my opinion dingy. I decided that I could not look at the closet for another weekend, so I decided to tackle it! I took everything out and did a quick decluttering of everything that needed to be thrown away that was expired, or old towels that we no longer use. The next step was I bought some new storage from Home Goods (one of my favorite places!). I found some bins with cute bamboo tops, and a couple bronze bins that were on sale. Then it was time to paint!

I used Behr Ultra white on the interior and the door. I used white because I love the fresh, clean look and pretty much anything looks good against it. I was going to change the sea foam green shelves out with natural wood that I planned to buy from Home Depot, but after a visit to 2 different stores with 2 broken machines, I decided to just paint the shelves white. The last touch was a little puck light above the bins. I love it! It makes me happy just opening the door! I am going to add another storage bin at the bottom for my sheets. So, the home improvements continue! Next I'm going to tackle my den after I finish painting my bedroom door! Are you working on any rooms in your house? I would love to see your before and afters in the comments!


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