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Exciting Writing News!

I received two of the sweetest Christmas surprises that I was not expecting! With all the valleys I have been walking through in 2022, I haven't had much inspiration to write. My father's passing rocked me to my core, and everything I previously found joy in lost its spark for me. But grief is odd; through my sadness of losing my dad, I have also found inspiration to write and write about him. Before my dad passed, he told me I should write a story about our family.

I didn't write a story about my family, but I did write about him. I submitted my article to Faith on Every Corner and they published it in their December issue! Then I applied to be a quarterly writer for Daughter of Delight and was accepted! Today, Faith on Every Corner invited me to contribute to their magazine every month! I couldn't believe it! I am so excited and humbled. I think my dad would have been proud, and I feel that I am honoring him in some small way. I only wish I could text the link over to him.

Check out my article and devotional by clicking on the links below!

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to glorify God and write about His word. The Lord knows exactly what we need and when we need it. Take a moment to read the other author's articles if you get a chance; they are encouraging and inspiring!


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