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Free 30-Day Fitness and Habit Tracker PDF Download!

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Download Your Free 30 Day Fitness Tracker

In today's Faith, Coffee & a Kid Podcast episode, I discuss my 30-day commitment to improving my physical health. The past year has been full of ups and downs, and all around, that has left me feeling physically unmotivated, and it shows. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see Nick Vujicic speak; if you haven't heard him, he is amazing! He has an incredible story that reminds you that you can can overcome any obstacle with the strength of Christ and an attitude of faith. Nick was born with no limbs, and to see what God has done through him is inspiring! But, I was reminded of the Wisdom Wednesday Series about the sluggard and how we have to be willing to get up, take our mat, and plow in season.

As I sat there listening, tugging at my jeans, that have become too tight and were squeezing the life out of me, and staring down at my muffin top, I thought, what is my excuse? I have ten toes, ten fingers, two arms, and two legs to get moving; why am I sitting here physically uncomfortable? I thought back to a time when I was in optimal shape, and I allowed myself to remember how great that felt, and I wanted to feel that way again, but it wasn't going to happen overnight...I had to get started.

So last night, I came home, and I sat around for a bit talking with my daughter, and then I made the choice to act. I changed into my workout clothes and hopped onto the treadmill, thinking I would just commit to 15 minutes. Well, after listening to a few podcast episodes and taking a call from a friend, the next thing I knew, I had completed 60 minutes of cardio and walked 3 miles! I felt fantastic.

I made the commitment to myself to work out for the next 30 days, which includes cardio every for at least 20 minutes, strength training with weights, crunches, and stretching. I printed out my Habit Tracker Worksheet, and I completed two days!

Are you interested in completing a 30 Day Challenge with me? What is it in your life that you would benefit from forming a new habit? Below are a couple of habit trackers for you to download. One is for fitness that I am using, and the other is for anything you choose!

Let's get better together! Download your Free Habit Trackers

Habit Tracker 2023
Download PDF • 853KB

Fitness Tracker
Download PDF • 102KB

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