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Go to the Rock...Instead of Trying to Be The Rock

Is your heart growing faint? So many of us are doing our best to put on a happy face, be the cheerleader for our family, friends and coworkers, but our heart and head are are spinning.

There are so many questions that we have no answer to in this new COVID world, but the questions keep coming. We feel responsible to lead, to make our family feel safe, and try to attain some sense of normalcy. It is a heavy burden, and it may feel as though you are lugging a ton of rocks right now and going nowhere (literally)! Instead of trying to lead, we need to be lead and lead our family to the rock... the cornerstone... the one that is higher than you and I...God!

When so much is crumbling around us, we have a rock that stands strong in the storm, one that we we can lean on, that will hold us up when our knees are buckling. God is our refuge, a safe place where we can burrow and be assured that our spirit is protected, even when we are standing in the midst of a pandemic that is fighting to wage war against our physical body.

There are no easy answers, but every problem is a spiritual problem and human solutions don't ease the spiritual symptoms. It's okay to be transparent, to tell your kids that you don't have the answers, that this is a scary time, but that God is in control. In these times it is when our faith can be strengthened and when God wants us to lean against him! This is the privilege of being a follower of Christ! Leading your family is only successful when God is at the head and is your partner. Lay your burden and heavy yoke at the rock.

If you're struggling with the responsibility to lead, first be led to the rock, your source of strength. Rely on the One who made all things, who knows your yesterday, today and tomorrow. The one who molded your heart and understands its condition. Go to the rock, the one higher than you and exalted above all circumstances. This is where we can perch above it all, and feel the safety of our loving Father.

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