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I Want to Hear From You in 2020!

I am excited for 2020 and what the new year brings! As most of you know this blog is an extension of my blog, A Single Christian Mom's Advice," and I am looking forward to making Faith, Coffee and a Kid a place where moms want to grab a cup of coffee and dig into faith, feelings, ideas and advice. Not just from me, but from one another!

I want to personally invite you to be a Guest Blogger in 2020 for Faith, Coffee and a Kid! Start 2020 off by sharing a part of yourself with other women and moms!

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Pursuing Your Passion

  • How You Set Goals

  • Parenting

  • Single Parenting

  • Stay at Home Mom Life

  • Faith

  • Family

  • Co-parenting

  • Home Organization

  • Finance

  • Building Your Own Business

  • Holiday Traditions

If you have another idea, please feel free to submit your ideas! Contact Me with your idea, a little bit about yourself and when you can have the article submitted.

Can't wait to hear from you and start 2020 off with a bang!

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