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In a World of Unrest, You Can Rest in God's Grip of Grace

It’s challenging times and that is putting it lightly. Communities of people are outraged about injustice, racism, on edge about the devastation of COVID-19, plagued with the uncertainty about our kids returning to school, the kids are restless and are living in a very different world than they are accustomed to. We long for hugs, and sweet unrestricted fellowship, we miss life without a mask which seems so strange, but yet is becoming familiar. In the midst of all of this some of us are really struggling. We may find that we are quick to snap, lose patience, feel anxious, or cranky and we are treading in what feels like deep waters just to stay afloat. Uncertainty and unpredictability can have strange and unsettling effects.

But there is one thing that is certain, that is predictable and the same yesterday, today and will be tomorrow and that is God’s love and grace. We may feel like we are slipping into an abyss, but God has us in his grip and his grip of grace is covering us. The Lord is good, and we can have assurance that his grace is and always will be sufficient. So rest in his grip, get comfortable in his grace and know his abounding love is covering us all.

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Sep 18, 2021

Thoughtful blog thanks for posting

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