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Listen to the New Episode on the Podcast! 9 Lessons We Can Learn From Mary!

There are so many extraordinary woman in the Bible, but what is really interesting is how they were just ordinary women like you and I. Mary is a perfect example of how God uses ordinary people for his purpose and plan. Last year I did a bible study lesson on Mary and as I was preparing I wasn't sure of the angle I was going to take. But, after diving into my studies, I discovered that Mary left us a legacy of lessons that we can model and implement in our own lives.

There were 9 lessons that stood out to me about the character and spiritual disciplines of Mary's life that were practical and meaningful to our spiritual journey as Christians today that include:

  1. Submit to Being a Servant of the Lord

  2. Believe in What the Lord Says

  3. Be in Awe of God's Sovereignty

  4. Believe that God Can Use the Ordinary to do the Extraordinary

  5. Choose Obedience

  6. Be a Woman of Courage

  7. Be an Encourager and a Good Friend

  8. Stay Faithful

  9. Know When to Let God

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Download the PDF Resource with Reflection Questions


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