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Meet the 2023 Idaho Mother of the Year, Nek'ka Migel on the Faith, Coffee & a Kid Podcast!

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

I am thrilled for you to meet my guest, Nek'ka Migel! I met Nek'ka when she spoke at my conference, "Single Moms of Faith, Burning Bright, Not Burning Out," in 2020, about"Overcoming a Poverty Mindset." She made a lasting impression on me, and I know she will make one on you as well! She is a champion of single parents, whether it be through her foundation, the Anna Grace Foundation, her books, resources, support, and many events that encourage and inspire single moms and dads alike. We dive into her personal story, how she started the Anna Grace Foundation, her books, and more! You will love hearing how God is working through Nek'ka to touch the lives of single parents.

Did I mention she was named the 2023 Idaho Mother of the year?! I hope you enjoy our conversation, and please take a moment to visit her website and learn more about her ministry!

Watch our Interview below or click here to listen on the podcast!

Visit the Anna Grace Foundation to learn more and support this amazing initiative! Order her books here!


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