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New Podcast Episode! A Deep Dive Into Breaking Bread Without Losing Your Head, This Thanksgiving!

Hospitality is not just about a pretty table, it's about how you position your heart to serve others and to make them feel comfortable. If you are at ease your guests will be too. We always hear it's not about being perfect it's about being present and I 100% agree. The presentation doesn't matter if your guests feel uncomfortable. Often we get caught up in the presentation because we try to give our guests the best experience we can give them, but the best experience starts with a relaxed hostess. Preparation and pre-decision help you be present and not worry about those details that drive us crazy.

Today I will discuss how to take Thanksgiving inventory so that you do that pre-decision work and get prepared so you can be present! In this episode I'll talk about taking inventory of the following:

  • Tables, chairs, and serving tables

  • The number of plates (main course, dessert, and any appetizers) you need for the number of guests you are hosting.

  • The number of glasses, coffee cups, or wine glasses

  • Silverware

  • Napkins whether cloth or paper

  • Serving Dishes & Utensils

  • Tablecloths

  • 2 Thanksgiving To-do Lists with different designs

  • Thanksgiving Inventory List- One is blank that you can fill in, and the other list I have filled in some of the categories for you, to make it super simple.

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