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Now Offering Conference Coaching Sessions!

I am so excited to launch my Conference Coaching Packages on Monday! One of the highlights of my year and probably my life was creating the "Single Moms of Faith...Burning Bright Not Burning Out," Conference! I received so many questions on logistics, and how I created the conference which was the catalyst for me to launch the webinar and course on, "How to Create an Online Conference on a Shoestring Budget!" But, I also wanted to do some one on one coaching that digs into the unique needs of those of you who are creating a conference regardless of where you are on the journey.

Learn more about the package by visiting Conference Coaching Sessions. I encourage you to download the package as well on the page to get detailed information about what you can expect in the coaching session and the different elements we can discuss.

Coaching Sessions include:

  • 60 minute Session

  • 1 Free 30 Minutes Introductory Call

  • Action Worksheets to put your plan on paper and have concrete steps to take to get you to manifesting your vision!

I can not wait to work with you and make your dream of creating an online conference a reality! If you have specific questions, please email me at .


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