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Read the Bible in a Year! Download Your Bible Reading Plan & Tracker!

Wouldn't it be great if you could open a book and get the answers to life's most pressing questions? The most valuable book you can read won't be found in the self help section of your local Barnes & Noble, nope! It is probably in your home right now! It is the Bible!

The scriptures provide us with knowledge, wisdom, and acts as our spiritual compass to help us navigate through life. When I first started digging into the scriptures it was as though my eyes had been opened in a way that they never had before! The verses were food for my spirit, and I couldn't get enough. That is what I want for all of you, that insatiable hunger for God's word! When you are excited about the gospel it changes your life in incredible ways.

God's word is flawless, full of truth, and it helps us mature on our spiritual walk. Not to mention, it provides the answers we need to live in God's will for our life. When we are immersed in God's word we are better parents because we are not leaning on our own understanding and strength but on His!

One my sweetest memories is watching my grandmother sit at her kitchen table, reading and studying her Bible. She was in love with the Lord and it showed in every aspect of her life. I didn't know it then and maybe she didn't know it, but she was modeling for me the value of knowing and studying God's word. My grandma was a Christian soldier and I have no doubt it is because she was armed with the truth of God! Even when she could no longer read the scriptures because of Alzheimer's, the fruit of all those years were reflected in her sweet contentment of trusting in the Lord. She passed in peace and grace to meet her heavenly Father.

This year, I am committing to reading the entire Bible! I created a Bible Study Binder a while back, that included a reading plan and a Bible tracker. I wanted to give it to you! There is a plan for every day reading and you can mark your progress which is always a motivator for me :)

Click below to download the reading plan and the trackers (there are 2 styles). Feel free to share it with your friends!

Read the Bible in a Year
Download PDF • 947KB
Bible Reading
Download PDF • 565KB

Bible Tracker 2
Download PDF • 263KB

Bible Tracker 3
Download PDF • 1.02MB


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