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Register for the Empowered & Equipped Single Moms of Faith Conference!

Did you know that you are already empowered and equipped to manifest your vision and purpose that God has for your life? The 2021 Single Moms of Faith Virtual Conference will encourage and inspire you to step into that place of empowerment and create the narrative you want to live! You are not a statistic, or a stereotype you are an amazing daughter of the King, created in His image and because of that there is nothing you can't do, so don't settle for less!

If you feel stuck in old patterns that don't serve you or reflect the life you desire to lead, this is where you want to be! We will break down those invisible fences holding you back from pursuing life with an empowered and equipped attitude! When we step into God's full plan with us in faith we become the mom, friend, sister, companion, and disciple that we were created to be!

Register at the Single Moms of Faith Conference site and Get the Early Bird Rate from October 25-Novemeber 12 of:

  • $20 for Individuals (Regular $30)

  • $100 for a Group of 10 (Regular $150)

  • If you attended last year check your email because there is a special code for you and you can register at $10! Plus registration is open for you right now!

You will be blessed by 18 speakers with 18 sessions, +recordings +giveaways+ resources+ an online community + a Social Hour +My Break the Chains of Stinking Thinking Bible Study! This is a great value!

Check out the 2021 Empowered & Equipped Conference Sessions!

  • God Can Use Your Circumstance for Your Good and His Glory

  • Single Mom's Five F's to Achieve Guilt-Free Success

  • Turning Tragedy into Strength

  • Charge Up With Your Power Source...Plug Into God's Plan For Your Life

  • How Deep Is Your Well

  • Stop Cheating Yourself by Living a Life That Doesn't Fit Who God Created You to Be

  • Reasons You Aren't Living in Your Calling

  • Positive Psychology- Finding your Happiness

  • Change the Narrative. Change the Trajectory of Your Life

  • Pivot to Power

  • MasterPiece in the Making

  • See the Ability Not the Disability

  • For Such a Time as This

  • Esther: A Woman who Embraced God’s Plan

  • Kick Fear to the Curb and Live Abundantly!

Visit for more information and subscribe for the newsletter!


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