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Subscribe to the Faith, Coffee & a Kid Podcast Newsletter!

Faith, Coffee & a Kid Podcast Newsletter

I'm excited to announce the newly created Faith, Coffee & a Kid Podcast Newsletter! If you haven't visited the podcast, check out the new series, "Wisdom Wednesday" and "Faith Flicks Friday" Both have been a blast for me to do! Every Wednesday, I dive into the Proverbs, and every month there is a different theme. May was the "Sluggard," and this month is "Taming the Tongue." Click here to listen to the latest episodes!

What Goodies Are in the Newsletter?

But, back to the newsletter! When you subscribe, you will automatically receive a FREE 4-page download of the Study Devotional Guide on Proverbs 6:9, which includes:

  • Definition of the sticky words (the keywords) that give insight into the verse

  • A summary of the scripture

  • Key Takeaway and Reflection Questions

  • A page for your thoughts, prayer and reflection

The weekly newsletter will include a weekly Wisdom Wednesday Study Guide Devotional, highlights from the week, a special bonus download, and more resources!

How Do You Subscribe?

Subscribing to the Newsletter is super simple! Click the Button Below!

Are You Subscribed to the Podcast?

Since you are subscribing to Newsletter, make sure you subscribe to the Faith, Coffee & a Kid Podcast so you will never miss an episode!

Thank you for your support and for listening! If you are interested in being a guest, please fill out the form. I would love to have you on the show!


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