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Thanksgiving Clean Up + Clean Up To Do List Download

We are only a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving! Soon guests will arrive at your door, ready to celebrate the holiday. This year we want to take care of our future selves, and one way to do that is to have a clean space for your guests and you too! When my house is clean, I am more relaxed and can think clearly. What makes me crazy is rushing to clean the house a day before Thanksgiving. Now, there are some areas of the house that you will need to clean the day of or the day before Thanksgiving, but it should be light and not take up a lot of time. Here are a few tips on cleaning your house for the holiday and a cleaning to-do list download to help you out!

Zone In On the Rooms of Your Home Your Guests Will Spend the Most Time

Think about the rooms in your house where your guest will spend the most time. Most likely, your guests won't be hanging in your garage, so let the garage go and focus on the other rooms. The most common rooms that get used the most during the holiday are:

  • The Dining Room

  • The Living Room/Family Room

  • The Kitchen

  • Bathrooms

  • Outdoor Space

There are a few tools to gather together before you get started for efficiency. Get three bags, a giveaway bag, a put-away bag, and a throw-away bag. The holidays are not the time to do heavy de-cluttering, but there are some rooms that will make sense to declutter in before your guests arrive.

Let's look at some suggestions for each space.

The Dining Room

The dining room plays a big role in your holiday gathering, so you want to make sure you spend a little more time in this room.

  • Clear off table space

  • Polish furniture

  • Clean floors

  • Wash any cloth napkins, tablecloths, etc.

  • If you polish your silverware or serving platters, it would fit in this category.

Living Room/Family Room

The living room/family room will most likely be a popular spot in your home during the holidays. If this space is cluttered, this is where those three bags will come in handy.

  • Vacuum and clean the floors

  • Clean in between couch pillows

  • Wash any slipcovers

  • Clean off coffee and end tables

  • Declutter using your three bags


The kitchen is where all the magic happens! Having a clean space is essential for your future self! Happy cooks make wonderful meals!

  • Clean out the fridge. I can not emphasize this enough. A clean fridge will give you space to store those pre-prepped dishes, and after the holiday, it gives you space for leftovers. Get your throw-away bag, and get to work.

  • Clean out the pantry. This doesn't have to be a deep dive, but put all the essentials you need for Thanksgiving dinner in clear view, so you are not digging around looking for the bread crumbs.

  • Clean the floors


Most likely, you will need to clean the bathroom on the day of Thanksgiving. If you have more than one bathroom, to be on the safe side, clean all of them.

  • Clean all toilets, sinks, and bathtubs

  • Clean floors

  • Make sure you have space for soap, sanitizer, hand napkins

  • Have extra toilet paper available

Entry Ways

Welcome your guests in with a clean and decluttered entryway.

  • Clean out your coat closet to make plenty of room for your guest's coats

  • Clean the floors and have a small rug for guests to wipe their shoes on if there isn't one outside

Outdoor Space

Spending time outdoors obviously depends on the weather. But here are a few cleaning to-dos that may make coming into your home welcoming.

  • Sweep the porch

  • Clean outdoor furniture

  • Have a mat for guests to wipe their shoes on

  • Remove any items that make it difficult to get to the door.

Guest Bedrooms

If you are having overnight guests, you can clean and organize guest bedrooms in advance.

  • Wash all the bed linens

  • Clean off night tables

  • Check the lighting, and change lightbulbs if necessary.

  • Put enough clean towels and washcloths in your guestroom for their stay.

  • Clean out a drawer or make room in the closet for their clothes.

  • If there is a television in the room, make sure the remote has fresh batteries.

Some cozy touches you may want to add are:

  • Some good chocolates to put on their pillow or nightstand

  • A few bottles of water

  • A yummy-smelling candle

  • A welcome to our home quick note.

  • Extra blankets

  • Bath toiletries such as soap, body wash, and lotion.


One of the best ways to take care of your future self during the holidays is to delegate. We get super stressed when we take on the holiday to-do list and do not ask for help. Have a family meeting and decide how everyone can contribute. This gives family members ownership of the holiday gathering, and it encourages teamwork.

You are also setting your kids up for success when they host their own holiday one day! Give them tools to help them take care of their future adult selves! Delegation is a gift to yourself and your sanity. When you are delegating, be super clear on the expectations. Make sure you:

  • Give specific assignments to each family member

  • Give a time when the task needs to be finished

  • Explain what needs to be done, and give them a list so they can stay focused on the task at hand

  • Let them do the job! Once you delegate the task and show them what's to be done, don't hover over them or be too critical! Remember, they are not you!

So, are you ready to get your house clean for the holidays? My last tip is it doesn't have to be perfect. You live in your home, so most likely, it won't look like a magazine spread, and that is okay! Get it as good as you can get it, and move on!

Cleaning Checklist Download!

Thanksgiving Cleaning To Do
Download PDF • 2.03MB


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