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30 Days of Quick Home Tips! Tip#8 Label the Expiration Date on Food Storage!

Expired food = wasted money! Are you tired of throwing away expired food and wasting your hard-earned money? We've all been there – buying fresh chicken or seafood with grand cooking plans, but as the week unfolds, your plans go haywire, you dine out a few times, and that delicious protein is soon forgotten, relegated to the back of your fridge.

You may not realize it until an unpleasant, funky smell wafts from the depths of your refrigerator. That's the moment you realize you've let your food expire, and it's destined for the trash. It happens to the best of us, but with a little organization and a marker, you can avoid this scenario and save your hard-earned cash. Fear not because Tip #8 is here to save the day:

Label the Expiration Date on Food Storage!

Here's how you can use Tip #8 to ensure you never waste food or money again:

1. Label the Expiration Date: Whenever you buy poultry, meat, seafood, or any perishable item that you intend to store, grab a black marker and write the expiration date in bold, clear numbers. Make it large enough so that it's impossible to miss. This way, you'll always know when your food needs to be used.

2. Keep It in Your Line of Sight: Store these labeled goods on a designated shelf or in a section of your fridge or pantry that's in your direct line of sight. Placing them where you can't miss them ensures that they're always top of mind and won't be forgotten.

3. Group Foods by Expiration Date: Arrange foods with similar expiration dates together. This simple organization technique will help you prioritize what to use first, reducing the chances of food going to waste.

4. Freeze Before It's Too Late: If it looks like you won't use certain foods before they expire, don't hesitate to freeze them. But remember, different foods have different freezer life spans, so make sure to check the guidelines for each item. A helpful resource for understanding frozen food longevity can be found on Good Housekeeping, which has a great resource with guidelines on how long you can safely freeze various food. How Long Does Frozen Meat Last? How to Safely Store Meat (

You can apply this labeling technique to all your food items, including fruits, vegetables, and leftovers. By following Tip #8, you'll save money, reduce food waste, and keep your family safe.

Implementing these small but effective changes can make a significant difference. So, don't let food expiration dates sneak up on you ever again. With Tip #8, you'll become a pro at managing your food and your finances.


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