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Be a Guest on the Faith, Coffee & a Kid Podcast! Let's Talk in 2022!

Do you have the gift of gab or some really awesome content that can serve our amazing audience? Then please, by all means join me in 2022 over at the Faith, Coffee & a Kid podcast! The podcast is an extension of this site, and if truth be told, I absolutely love creating content and talking to incredible women like yourself who have a story to tell, faith to share, a word of encouragement, practical tips and anything else that is on your heart because I know the it has an impact!

I am super excited for 2022 and all the opportunities to reach out to single moms, and women in general to inspire them to live their best life! I would love to collaborate with you if you're willing!

Topics range from faith, single parenting, coparenting, finances, health and fitness, travel, living outside the box, homemaking, work, kids, spiritual discussions, practical tips, tough long as the content serves the audience, let's do it!

If you have a book, or a product you would like to promote, I'm okay with that too! Listen, women should support women, so as long as your product is relevant to the audience, I would love to help you get it out there!

A Few Things You Should Know

  • The podcast platform is Anchor and it is broadcasted on Apple and Spotify

  • 85 % of the audience is women

  • The listeners range from 18-60 years old!

  • The episodes are typically 20-30 minutes but can run longer if the conversation is flowing!

  • If you are interested in having a video in addition to podcast that is completely fine too and will be posted on the website & YouTube

  • Guests podcasts will be recorded 2x a month

  • The episodes will be promoted on Instagram, and 2 FB Groups (Single Moms of Faith Burning Bright, Not Burning Out, and Single Christian Moms Seeking Joy!)

Are You Ready to be a Guest?

I am making this super simple for you! Just complete this quick questionnaire, and I will contact you within 5-7 days and we will go from there!

Hope to grab a cup of coffee and talk to you soon!

Take a few minutes to check out the podcast and subscribe!

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