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Can I Be a Single Stay At Home Mom & Still Feed the Kids? Absolutely!

When I tell single moms that I have been working from home for over 8 years, the question, I always get is...how, and how can I do it? There is this myth that full time remote jobs are far and few between, and if you are lucky enough to snag one then most likely it is not a real job that can feed the kids. The other common misconception is that only 2 parent households can have one stay at home parent. I am living proof that is not true! You can absolutely be a single stay at home working mom and I'm going to tell you how!

My journey started when my daughter was born in 2006. I was living in DC with my daughter's father at the time and with the high cost of living I had no option but to go back to work a mere 4 months after my daughter was born. I had no experience with daycare! My parents both worked, but my daycare was spending days with my grandparents. Although I was blessed with a wonderful daycare it was a struggle to drop off my baby all day with strangers, although they became like family. Fast forward, to becoming a single mom. Suddenly, it was just me, and the hustle and bustle of getting to daycare before 6 pm and coming home to a few hours of quality time and then repeating the same routine grew old. I ached to spend more time with my daughter, pick her up at 3pm, and have a more flexible lifestyle.

During this time I began envisioning what I wanted our family life to look like. I was listening to podcasts about homemaking and staying at home, which were inspiring, but they were all geared towards married women and the single mom was left out. This didn't sit well with me! I started praying and journaling about this desire God placed on my heart to stay at home. Of course I had to work to provide, but I believed there had to be a better way. Whenever I spoke of it I was met with a lot of doubt and naysaying, but I totally believed it could happen. So I searched and searched, and after a few duds, a little creativity and thinking outside the box, I was able to find remote positions (many) and have been working at home for over 8 years since my daughter was in 2nd grade!

Working from home has provided me with flexibility and a lifestyle that was a total game changer! I have been able to spend more time with my daughter and be present, saved money on aftercare in the younger years, was able to volunteer at her school, work from anywhere during the summer, maximized my time at home, and have better overall mental and emotional health. For a single mom working remotely made my life much easier!

Now is the time!

If you are interested in working from home, you could not be in a better climate to look for a remote position! The pandemic has changed the way organizations are viewing telecommuting. Companies are realizing that employees can work at home, be productive, trusted, and they can actually save money! My advice is to strike while the iron is hot! With technology and the proof that working from home can work there is no reason you can't work from home! When I started my stay at home journey, companies were very hesitant to offer a full telecommuting option, and now it is the new normal!

First, here is some personal advice when you decide to be a single stay at home mom:

  • Know your priorities and make searching for a telecommuting position a priority. My priority was having a lifestyle that allowed me to be at home for my daughter, and having flexibility. My heart and mind was on working from home. When you know your priorities you are intentional and won't give up!