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4 Tips on Co-Parenting in A COVID-19 World!

COVID has literally turned the world upside down! This virus has changed the way we work, send our kids to school, live, and play. If you're a single parent, then COVID may have thrown a monkey wrench into your co-parenting relationship.

Kids are going through their own roller coaster of emotions, so the last thing they need is to feel tension between their parents on how to deal with the custody schedule in a pandemic.

It is really important for safety, physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing that we adults do the adult thing and put our kid's safety first and communicate!

Here are 4 Tips that can help you and your kid's dad get on the right track during COVID.

1. Openly Communicate your Safety Expectations; For example, are you comfortable with them visiting relatives, friends, or traveling out of state? Discuss what safety precautions are you expecting to take place (masks, testing, quarantine, etc.)

2. Be Flexible with the Custody Schedule; Your current custody schedule may require modification, especially with school starting and most likely being online. Communicate what schedule works best for your kids! If you're kids are old enough and have an opinion, please listen!

3. Find Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids in Touch with Their Parents; If you have young children, create a schedule that ensures they talk to their dad, or take advantage of video chats if they can't see him regularly.

4. Develop a Backup Plan in Case One of You Get ill; I pray you stay healthy, but the reality is, Coronavirus is a hard hitting virus. Be proactive and make a plan on what happens if one of you get sick. What is the protocol for the care of your kids?

I will be adding a resource to the website this week on co-parenting in COVID that will dive a little deeper into this timely and important issue!

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