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5 Traps to Avoid When You Telecommute

Telecommuting has changed my life and I encourage anyone who wants to make the transition from working in an office to the comfort of your own home! Working from home has afforded me the flexibility to be home for my daughter which is a huge blessing, especially as a single mom.

However, working at home can have its downfalls. Keep your eye on these 5 telecommuting traps that make remote working a little less desirable.

Here are my 5 Traps to Avoid When Telecommuting.

1. Get Dressed!

When you work from the comfort of your own home you can go months without actually getting dressed! Why? You're home! It's cozy lounging in your pj’s in front of the computer every day. I suggest getting dressed for the day in a manner that makes you feel good. Don’t become sloppy because you are at home. You feel much better if 3 o’clock rolls around and you aren’t dressed in the clothes you went to bed in!

2. Create Boundaries with Friends and Family

There is a misconception that when you work from home you are not really working. Friends will stop by, call and want to chat for hours, and basically expect you to be available because you don't work in an office. It is important to create boundaries or otherwise you’ll find yourself constantly distracted and unproductive. Let family and friends know your schedule and the hours you are not available.

3. Change Up Your Scenery

A change of scenery is good. Take your laptop and head out to a coffee shop, sit on the porch or simply work in another room. The beauty of working from home is the freedom to move around and not be tied to one place, take advantage of it!

4. Take a Lunch Break

Taking lunch seems like a no brainer, right? When you work at home it is easy to lose track of time work 8 hours straight. Please, please, please be intentional about carving out at least an hour a day for lunch. Get up, stretch your legs, take a quick walk, or even do some quick chores, but take those 60 minutes and use them to recharge!

5. Know When to Shut Off

I told you about creating boundaries in Tip #2 but now I want you to create boundaries for yourself. Know when to shut off. Stick to your work hours and unless it is necessary don't stay tied to your computer. Don’t get into the habit or allow others to get into the habit of calling you after work hours. Honor the separation between work and family. Sure, sometimes you may need to burn the midnight oil, but make that the exception not the expectation.

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Happy Telecommuting!

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